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Introduction to Org-Mode and Worg

Org-mode is a powerful system for organizing your complex life with simple plain-text files. It seamlessly integrates all your notes, mindmaps, TODO lists, calendar, day planner, and project schedules into a single system that can be easily searched (e.g. by grep), encrypted (e.g. by GnuPG), backed up and synced (e.g. by Dropbox), imported/exported, and (e.g. on an iPhone or Android smartphone). It can even be used for authoring web pages and documents.

Check out some screenshots of Org-mode in action. See what people have to say about Org-mode, and read a few user stories!

Org-mode is distributed as part of the popular Emacs text editor and runs wherever Emacs runs, including on GNU-Linux, Windows, and Mac. Written by Carsten Dominik, it is currently maintained by Bastien Guerry and used by many helpful people who, like you, are desperate to get and stay organized. The way Org-mode maintenance is done is described here.

The page you're reading is part of Worg, a section of the Org-mode web site that is written by a volunteer community of Org-mode fans. It includes tutorials, ideas, code snippets, etc., shared to make your introduction and customization of Org-mode as easy as possible. Worg is maintained by Matthew Lundin, a group of Worg contributors, and maybe you.

Help us sustain our efforts

Org-mode is maintained and developed by volunteers on their free time.

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Of course, you can also join the party and contribute with code and documentation.

Org-Mode Resources

Learn Org-Mode

Library of Babel

A collection of generally useful code blocks available as a HTML or .org file.

Get Help with Org-Mode

  • Org-mode FAQ : Check here before writing to the mailing list
  • Org-mode Mailing List : For unanswered questions, suggestions, and discussion
  • Org-mode IRC Channel : For live Q&A, go to #org-mode on Freenode

Use Org-Mode Effectively

Dive Deeper into Org-Mode

Check Out Third-Party Contributions

  • Contributed packages, including extensive documentation
  • Repository of contributed code:
    1. the contrib/ directory of the Org-mode package
    2. the code directory of Worg
      • org-info-js by Sebastian Rose: great javascript tool to navigate through a HTML page (as exported by Org) the way you navigate through an Org or an info manual, i.e. supporting folding, previous/next buttons, etc.
  • Additions under development

Join the Community

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Maintenance of Worg

Git'r done!

If you like losing your time by reading stuff on how to get organized, go and check the Git'r done! page.

Documentation from the website (either in its HTML format or in its Org format) is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License version 1.3 or later. The code examples and css stylesheets are licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 or later.