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10.4 Commands in the agenda buffer

Entries in the agenda buffer are linked back to the Org file or diary file where they originate. Commands are provided to show and jump to the original entry location, and to edit the Org files “remotely” from the agenda buffer. This is just a selection of the many commands, explore the Agenda menu and the manual for a complete list.


Next line (same as up and C-p).


Previous line (same as down and C-n).

View/Go to Org file

Display the original location of the item in another window. With prefix arg, make sure that the entire entry is made visible in the outline, not only the heading.


Go to the original location of the item in another window. Under Emacs 22, mouse-1 will also work for this.


Go to the original location of the item and delete other windows.

Change display

Delete other windows.

d / w

Switch to day/week view.

f and b

Go forward/backward in time to display the following org-agenda-current-span days. For example, if the display covers a week, switch to the following/previous week.


Go to today.


Prompt for a date and go there.

v l  or short  l

Toggle Logbook mode. In Logbook mode, entries that were marked DONE while logging was on (variable org-log-done) are shown in the agenda, as are entries that have been clocked on that day. When called with a C-u prefix, show all possible logbook entries, including state changes.

r or g

Recreate the agenda buffer, to reflect the changes.


Save all Org buffers in the current Emacs session, and also the locations of IDs.

Secondary filtering and query editing

Filter the current agenda view with respect to a tag. You are prompted for a letter to select a tag. Press ‘-’ first to select against the tag.


Narrow the current agenda filter by an additional condition.

Remote editing (see the manual for many more commands)

Digit argument.


Change the TODO state of the item, in the agenda and in the org file.


Delete the current agenda item along with the entire subtree belonging to it in the original Org file.

C-c C-w

Refile the entry at point.

C-c C-x C-a  or short  a

Archive the subtree corresponding to the entry at point using the default archiving command set in org-archive-default-command.

C-c C-x C-s  or short  $

Archive the subtree corresponding to the current headline.

C-c C-s

Schedule this item, with prefix arg remove the scheduling timestamp

C-c C-d

Set a deadline for this item, with prefix arg remove the deadline.

S-right and S-left

Change the timestamp associated with the current line by one day.


Start the clock on the current item.

O / X

Stop/cancel the previously started clock.


Jump to the running clock in another window.

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