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10.3 The Weekly/Daily Agenda

The purpose of the weekly/daily agenda is to act like a page of a paper agenda, showing all the tasks for the current week or day.

M-x org-agenda a

Compile an agenda for the current week from a list of Org files. The agenda shows the entries for each day.

Org mode understands the syntax of the diary and allows you to use diary expression entries directly in Org files:

* Holidays
  :CATEGORY: Holiday
%%(org-calendar-holiday)   ; special function for holiday names

* Birthdays
%%(org-anniversary 1956  5 14) Arthur Dent is %d years old
%%(org-anniversary 1869 10  2) Mahatma Gandhi would be %d years old

Org can interact with Emacs appointments notification facility. To add the appointments of your agenda files, use the command org-agenda-to-appt.