13.9.2 HTML specific export settings

HTML export has a number of keywords, similar to the general options settings described in Export Settings.


This is the document’s description, which the HTML exporter inserts it as a HTML meta tag in the HTML file. For long descriptions, use multiple ‘DESCRIPTION’ lines. The exporter takes care of wrapping the lines properly.

The exporter includes a number of other meta tags, which can be customized by modifying org-html-meta-tags.


Specify the document type, for example: HTML5 (org-html-doctype).


Specify the HTML container, such as ‘div’, for wrapping sections and elements (org-html-container-element).


The URL for home link (org-html-link-home).


The URL for the up link of exported HTML pages (org-html-link-up).


Options for MathJax (org-html-mathjax-options). MathJax is used to typeset LaTeX math in HTML documents. See Math formatting in HTML export, for an example.


Arbitrary lines for appending to the HTML document’s head (org-html-head).


More arbitrary lines for appending to the HTML document’s head (org-html-head-extra).


Keywords to describe the document’s content. HTML exporter inserts these keywords as HTML meta tags. For long keywords, use multiple ‘KEYWORDS’ lines.


Arbitrary lines for appending to the preamble; HTML exporter appends when transcoding LaTeX fragments to images (see Math formatting in HTML export).


The document’s subtitle. HTML exporter formats subtitle if document type is ‘HTML5’ and the CSS has a ‘subtitle’ class.

Some of these keywords are explained in more detail in the following sections of the manual.