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16.13 Key bindings and Useful Functions

Many common Org mode key sequences are re-bound depending on the context.

Active key bindings in code blocks:

Key bindingFunction
C-c C-corg-babel-execute-src-block
C-c C-oorg-babel-open-src-block-result

Active key bindings in Org mode buffer:

Key bindingFunction
C-c C-v p or C-c C-v C-porg-babel-previous-src-block
C-c C-v n or C-c C-v C-norg-babel-next-src-block
C-c C-v e or C-c C-v C-eorg-babel-execute-maybe
C-c C-v o or C-c C-v C-oorg-babel-open-src-block-result
C-c C-v v or C-c C-v C-vorg-babel-expand-src-block
C-c C-v u or C-c C-v C-uorg-babel-goto-src-block-head
C-c C-v g or C-c C-v C-gorg-babel-goto-named-src-block
C-c C-v r or C-c C-v C-rorg-babel-goto-named-result
C-c C-v b or C-c C-v C-borg-babel-execute-buffer
C-c C-v s or C-c C-v C-sorg-babel-execute-subtree
C-c C-v d or C-c C-v C-dorg-babel-demarcate-block
C-c C-v t or C-c C-v C-torg-babel-tangle
C-c C-v f or C-c C-v C-forg-babel-tangle-file
C-c C-v c or C-c C-v C-corg-babel-check-src-block
C-c C-v j or C-c C-v C-jorg-babel-insert-header-arg
C-c C-v l or C-c C-v C-lorg-babel-load-in-session
C-c C-v i or C-c C-v C-iorg-babel-lob-ingest
C-c C-v I or C-c C-v C-Iorg-babel-view-src-block-info
C-c C-v z or C-c C-v C-zorg-babel-switch-to-session-with-code
C-c C-v a or C-c C-v C-aorg-babel-sha1-hash
C-c C-v h or C-c C-v C-horg-babel-describe-bindings
C-c C-v x or C-c C-v C-xorg-babel-do-key-sequence-in-edit-buffer

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