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2.4 Motion

The following commands jump to other headlines in the buffer.

C-c C-n     (org-next-visible-heading)

Next heading.

C-c C-p     (org-previous-visible-heading)

Previous heading.

C-c C-f     (org-forward-same-level)

Next heading same level.

C-c C-b     (org-backward-same-level)

Previous heading same level.

C-c C-u     (outline-up-heading)

Backward to higher level heading.

C-c C-j     (org-goto)

Jump to a different place without changing the current outline visibility. Shows the document structure in a temporary buffer, where you can use the following keys to find your destination:

TAB         Cycle visibility.
DOWN / UP   Next/previous visible headline.
RET         Select this location.
/           Do a Sparse-tree search
The following keys work if you turn off org-goto-auto-isearch
n / p        Next/previous visible headline.
f / b        Next/previous headline same level.
u            One level up.
0-9          Digit argument.
q            Quit

See also the option org-goto-interface.