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Stata Source Code Blocks in Org Mode

Org Mode support for Stata


Stata is a proprietary statistics program popular in economics and some social sciences. Stata code blocks are partially supported in Org Mode. Basic code evaluation works, but there is no support for graphics or other more advanced org-babel features.

Requirements and Setup

Stata source code blocks in Org Mode requires a working Stata installation, as well as the ESS emacs package. Before configuring Org Mode to evaluate Stata source code blocks you should make sure that ESS is configured correctly, and that you can evaluate Stata code in ESS.

To configure your emacs org-mode to use Stata, you'll need to ensure that org-babel-load-languages includes an entry for it. Typically, org-babel-load-languages will contain many entries. The example below omits other languages.

 '((stata . t)))

Org Mode Features for Stata Source Code Blocks

Header Arguments

Stata code evaluation currently only works with the header argument :results output; this is the default setting for stata code blocks.


Session mode is supported in stata, including named sessions.

Result Types

Only output is supported.

Examples of Use

  • Hello World!
disp "Hello world"
disp "Hello world"
Hello world
  • Fit a linear model
webuse auto
regress mpg price
webuse auto
(1978 Automobile Data)
regress mpg price

      Source |       SS       df       MS              Number of obs =      74
-------------+------------------------------           F(  1,    72) =   20.26
       Model |  536.541807     1  536.541807           Prob > F      =  0.0000
    Residual |  1906.91765    72  26.4849674           R-squared     =  0.2196
-------------+------------------------------           Adj R-squared =  0.2087
       Total |  2443.45946    73  33.4720474           Root MSE      =  5.1464

         mpg |      Coef.   Std. Err.      t    P>|t|     [95% Conf. Interval]
       price |  -.0009192   .0002042    -4.50   0.000    -.0013263   -.0005121
       _cons |   26.96417   1.393952    19.34   0.000     24.18538    29.74297

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