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Merge Tool for Org-Mode

Project Plan

This is only a preliminary plan, as outlined in the project proposal

Introductory Period

(April 23 – May 21)

During this period I will review previous art, and become fully familiar with OrgMode files and any addons and plugins which may influence my work (Babel, MobileOrg, etc.). This includes research into object representation, and command language representation. A quick proof of concept be created. The project page, code repository, and other framework will be created.

Org-Mode Data Representation

(May 22 - 27)

The deliverable for this part of the project is to create a representation of org-mode files, and a data manipulation language for working with them. The completness and thoroughness of this deliverable is to be decided according to the determined potential usefullness to other users. The data representation may vary greatly with the language used. Fundamental to this stage will be the use of org-element.el, which is a parser and interface for Org-Mode data.

Org-Mode File Processor Parser

(May 28 - 31)

The deliverable for this stage is a program (algorithm) which will turn an Org-Mode file into a set of objects and relationships. The parser will create objects using the OrgMode Data Representation above.

Create Basic Modification Guesser

(June 1 - 15)

This stage will create a list of modification actions which a user might perform on an OrgMode file. The deliverable will be a modification guesser which tries to create a list of modifications. The modifications actually detected at this stage will be very basic. This step should lay the ground work for defining more modification types, and advanced detection methods.

Create Modification Merger

(June 16 – June 30)

The deliverable for this stage is a program which takes a list of object modifications and objects, and combines them together. This step will combine all modification actions into a single file. It will generate conflicts for unmergable modifications.

Enhance Modification Guesser

(July 1 – July 16)

This is the really complicated stage of the whole project. At this stage, the modification guesser will be enhanced to be able to recognize a greater amount of modifications. For example, and 'remove' and 'add' action of an identical heading may be recognized as a 'move' action. The modification merger will have to be modified to properly handle new modification types. At this stage, the modification guesser will only mark modifications it is sure of.

Further Modification Guesser Enhancements

(July 16 – July 29)

At this stage, the modification guesser will be extended to use fuzzy logic to guess at modifications. For example, calculate the probability that a tree is just a modified version of another tree, and if probable enough, add the modification (if not probable they will be considered seperate 'add's and 'remove's possibly causing a conflict in the final merge).

Further Enhancements

(July 30 – August 5)

This stage will include all optional features thought up as the project progresses. It could include Emacs mode that generates a modification list, so the merger program does not have to guess at the modifications, or the automatic use of IDs created by MobileOrg to recognize nodes.

Project Finish

(August 6 - 13)

This stage will be for final review and testing. It is expected during this stage to make an official release. This stage is meant to handle all finishing touches needed for a release.

The project should end seven days before August 20, which is the day of “Firm Pencils Down”.

Documentation from the orgmode.org/worg/ website (either in its HTML format or in its Org format) is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License version 1.3 or later. The code examples and css stylesheets are licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 or later.