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If you can reproduce a bug, that's really helpful: reply to the original poster adding X-Bug-Woof: confirmed in your mail header.

Old issues

These issues are old: if you want to help, please check the report link, try to reproduce the problem and reply to the email using X-Bug-Woof: confirmed if the issue is still present or X-Bug-Woof: fixed if the issue as been fixed, removing it from this file too.

TODO Clocktable error with multiple source files from parent dir (report)   #28

TODO Background color reset for links and DONE headlines (report)   #27

DELEGATED Better handling of fontenc in LaTeX export (report)   #26

  • State "DELEGATED" from "TODO" [2013-09-25 Wed 10:06]
    Nicolas Girard is taking this up with TeX people

The idea is to put LaTeX code that does do the decision on what kind of encapsulation should be used, based on the LaTeX processor that actually runs.

TODO org-clock-save.el state unwanted Resume clock prompt (report)   #25

TODO Duplicate agenda entries when enabling archives-mode (report)   #23

TODO How to trigger the clockcheck in an agenda view (report)   #22

TODO org-capture doesn't narrow correctly if :prepend is t (report)   #18

TODO Makes ido think that some candidates are directories (report)   #16

TODO Structure clocktable by tags rather than by hierarchy (report)   #14

TODO Problem with special characters in dired and attachment paths (report)   #13

TODO Agenda does not restrict to file (report)   #11

DELEGATED Three bugs/misfeatures in org-reveal (report)   #10

  • State "DELEGATED" from "TODO" [2015-01-31 Sat 13:07]
    Delegated to ngz

TODO Restriction lock ignored in indirect buffer (report)   #9

TODO Restruct org-create-formula-image function (report)   #8

TODO Agenda Search and org-agenda-text-search-extra-files (report)   #7

TODO Ido org-refile results in misfiling (report)   #6

TODO Can org regenerate the cache automatically (report)   #4

TODO How to refile without refiling in order to cache a restricted refile? (report)   #3

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