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Org mailing list

The Org mailing list is an English language forum for discussing Org and related topics. The list requires a subscription from a confirmed email address to post.

It is used by the diverse community of Org developers, maintainers, contributors, experienced users, and new and prospective users both for discussion and as a repository of information. It was established by the creator of Org-mode, Carsten Dominik, who enjoys the different perspectives and range of interests expressed there.

The list is less formal and more diverse than a site like stackoverflow, which has an org-mode section. Subscribers' messages to the list aren't moderated and there is no formal mechanism to rate questions, answers, or reputations.

Consider joining Org IRC for real time help, simple questions, and to chat with other Org users.

List archives

You can browse the mailing list archives and search the message history at:

public-inbox archive
Mailman list archive

Subscribe to the Org mailing list

The Org mailing list is a members only mailing list to prevent spam. Membership is freely available and only requires that you subscribe to the list and confirm your email address. Messages from non-subscribers will be delayed pending moderator review.

You may subscribe to the list from this webpage.

Fill in your email address and provide a password. A confirmation email will be sent to you. When you reply to the confirmation mail, you will be able to send messages to the mailing list and receive messages from the list.

Alternatively you can send an email to emacs-orgmode-request@gnu.org with a subject of "subscribe". A confirmation email will follow. When you reply to the confirmation email you will be added to the mailing list.

"I don't want to subscribe"

Fine. Simply send your first message to emacs-orgmode@gnu.org and a moderator will let it through. You will be added to a whitelist so that your next messages don't need to go through moderation. Because you won't be a proper subscriber, people need to CC you to let you follow the conversations.

Non-subscribers should expect delays before their first messages reach the mailing list. After passing moderation future messages will go through immediately.

Posting to the Org mailing list

If you are already a list subscriber, you may post directly to the list by sending an email to: emacs-orgmode@gnu.org

You may also reply to messages you are receiving from the list.

List Etiquette

Posters are encouraged to be precise, concise, and friendly. Top-posting is discouraged. Lengthy excerpts of quoted material are probably redundant and they clog certain distribution channels. Posters should include enough quoted material to establish the context for their comments and cut away the rest.

Use of plain text email is strongly preferred.

Feature Requests

Please label feature requests in the subject, perhaps with "[FR] Please add X".

It's good to have a separate email thread per request, then everyone can discuss the merits of the suggestion.

Bug Reports

Bug reports may be submitted to the mailing list. Please label them appropriately with a tag "[BUG]" and include detailed information on how to reproduce the bug.

Consider including the output of M-x report-emacs-bug in your message.

Please attached a Minimum Working Example that can be used. See these links for additional ideas regarding MWEs.

Be patient with bug reports. Maintainer time is limited and it is likely your issue will benefit from discussion in the overall community.

The list and tracker.orgmode.org

tracker.orgmode.org makes it easier to keep track of important Org announcements such as new releases, confirmed bugs, help requests and user-significant changes.

The information on this page only comes from interacting with the Org mailing list.

To confirm a bug, just add X-Woof-Bug: confirmed in the headers of your reply to the list.

See https://github.com/bzg/woof#usage for detailed usage explanations and Woof announcement on the list.

What to do before posting a question

What to do if you don't receive an answer

If your email is referenced on tracker.orgmode.org, it will get the attention of the maintainers when they have enough time. (Remember they work on a volunteer basis.)

If your email is not referenced there and you think it deserves more attention, you can do this:

  • If it is a bug report, check that you provided enough information, especially the Org and Emacs versions and a step-by-step recipe to reproduce the bug.
  • If it is a question, give more information on what you tried, why you still have the question and why the answer may be of interest for other subscribers.

If you have nothing special to add to your first message and just want to "bump" the thread, please wait at least one month before doing so.

See As a contributor, what can I expect? for more.

Documentation from the orgmode.org/worg/ website (either in its HTML format or in its Org format) is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License version 1.3 or later. The code examples and css stylesheets are licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 or later.