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Org-mode Import/Export Tools

This page lists the various conversion tools that have been written to export Org-mode data and import external data into the Org-mode system.

Org-mode Export Tools

The tools listed here do take Org-mode files and convert them to a different format:

From Org-mode to Freemind

… by Marco Vezzoli, this is available in the contrib directory of the distribution.

From Org-mode to ICalendar applications

Org-mode Import Tools

The tools listed here do take non-Org-mode files and convert them to Org:

From Palm TODO database to Orgmode

This Translator was written by Olaf Dietsche.

From Remind to Org by Detlef Steuer

From OmniFocus to Org by Magnus Henoch

From TaskPaper to Org by Carsten Dominik

A quite complete translation can be achieved by a compact Perl program:

/^(\t*)-(.*?)((@\w+ *)*)$/;
@u=grep{$_ ne'@done'}(@t=split/ +/,$3);
$_="*"x(2+length$1).(@t==@u?" TODO":" DONE").$2.join(":",@v)."\n"if$&;
s/^\w.*:\s*$/* $&/;
END{printf "* Setup\n#+TAGS: %s\n",join' ',keys%t}

This program is quite unreadable because it resulted from a contest for the most compact translator - but it works very well anyway.

From ODT to Org, by Jose Maria Alkala

From ICalendar to Org

There are some tools and documentation related:

  • There is a mention of some tools at the org-tools section, here.
  • For Google users, see this.
  • For a command line tool that converts files, URLs (e.g., Google Calendar), email attachments, and other sources into org-mode events, see this. It can integrate with crontab, systemd, etc. for automatic updating. An example of mu4e integration for processing email attachments with ics content is shown.

From Microsoft Exchange to Org

exchange2org - Extracts Exchange calendar data in Org-mode format

This tool was very handy for getting Exchange-based appointments into my Org-mode agenda. Not used after 2019 so it might need some maintenance.

From Altlassian Jira to Org

jira2org-story.py - Extract Jira Issues and Generate Org-mode Headings

The script is accessing the API of Altlassian's Jira to generate Orgdown content. The author is using it to extract whole epics from Jira and create more detailed workflows within Org-mode.

This principle can be adapted to all sorts of use-cases. The author is using multiple variations of this script for specific workflows.

Memacs - Collecting data from all sorts of external data sources

If you want to (re-)collect your own data from various sources such as text messages, visited web pages, photographs, emails, git commits and so forth, this framework allows for using or writing modules that convert non-Orgdown formats to Orgdown. This way, you get a really detailed agenda with all of your activities.

Org-mode to Org-mode

Sometimes, people write software outside of Elisp that has Org-mode files as input as well as output:

orgdepend_to_orgedna - Tool for the transition from org-depend to org-edna

Most use-cases for org-depend can be migrated to org-edna using that tool. Please refer to the documentation to learn what can be converted and what not.


Google Calendar
There is a method for synching. Read this tutorial.

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