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GNU Hackers Meeting 2011 - Org Demo by Bastien

GHM 2011 video


  • 8m26s Demo Start
  • 8m54s Notes and headlines:
  • 9m06s Folding
  • 9m30s Structure Editing
  • 10m20s Lists
  • 10m45s Checkbox
  • 12m20s List hierarchy and checkboxes
  • 12m57s Links
  • 14m44s TODO Items
  • 17m15s DONE Logging
  • 18m02s Agenda
  • 18m20s Agenda files
  • 19m02s TODO keyword
  • 20m00s tags matching
  • 20m40s "agenda" is really "view"
  • 21m05s Timestamps
  • 22m40s Category
  • 23m25s Deadline
  • 24m04s Clock
  • 25m30s Clock report
  • 26m45s Column view
  • 27m55s Effort Estimate
  • 29m30s Export
  • 32m15s Tables
  • 37m15s Babel
  • 39m05s Extensions
  • 40m45s Book
  • 41m15s Worg
  • 43m20s org-element
  • 45m11s org-element-parse-region
  • 46m17s tee-shirt
  • 46m45s-51m14s The Org Father
  • 56m14s capture question

Thanks to Rustom Mody for this timeline.

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