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Worg Contribution Sandbox

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Sign your name when you make changes. Think of it as the page’s guestbook. :-)

  • [2010-12-05 Sun 23:59] jrhorn424 creates the page at Bastien’s suggestion.


TODO Find tutorial for writing worg pages, to complete the following tasks.

TODO Figure out how to show inactive timestamps on web page (for History).

TODO Figure out how to link “History” in previous task to the History section above.

DONE Fix links in Try It Out section below.


Bastien says “An idea: maybe have a sandbox.org file somewhere in Worg, so that people can do ‘pull’ tests in here at no risk.”

And, lo, it was pushed into existence.

Try it out

Since you’re here, why not see how you can contribute to Worg. If you haven’t yet done so, familiarize yourself with how you can use git to contribute to Worg.

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