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TODO central file for Worg

This file is the central page for inserting tasks related to Worg.

If you keep a local copy of worg in ~/org/Worg/, then you can add ~/org/Worg/todo.org to the list of your agenda files.

Then a simple git pull will update the tasks in this file, and your agenda view will be populated with Worg-related tasks.

General tasks

DONE Simplify/merge worg-about.org, worg-maintenance.org, worg-git.org

TODO Add a note in files which need an update

DONE Update links for 'org-fireforg' in org-devel.org

TODO Update doc.org from latest stable

TODO Make a comprehensive list of Org exporters (see this message)

TODO Update org-contrib/babel/languages/ob-doc-ditaa.org

Ditaa is not included in Org anymore. See https://github.com/stathissideris/ditaa.

TODO Write Babel doc to show what value/output returns for each language

TODO BUG: The "how to use git for Worg" link on the index page doesn't link correctly to the subheading.

Work on tutorials

TODO Enhance the main tutorial

TODO Add a dedicated file for mobile workflows with org

Gather examples of custom agenda views from the mailing list

Tutorial about links (export and abbrev)

Tutorial about the LaTeX exporter

Archived tasks

DONE Rename this file to todo.org and update references

DONE Remove worg-todo_archive (as it is not exported and not needed)

DONE Remove references to repo.or.cz

DONE Remove references to org-install.el

Documentation from the orgmode.org/worg/ website (either in its HTML format or in its Org format) is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License version 1.3 or later. The code examples and css stylesheets are licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 or later.