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9.2 Refile and copy

When reviewing the captured data, you may want to refile or copy some of the entries into a different list, for example into a project. Cutting, finding the right location, and then pasting the note is cumbersome. To simplify this process, use the following commands:

C-c M-w

Copy the entry or region at point. This command behaves like org-refile, except that the original note will not be deleted.

C-c C-w

Refile the entry or region at point. This command offers possible locations for refiling the entry and lets you select one with completion. The item (or all items in the region) is filed below the target heading as a subitem.
By default, all level 1 headlines in the current buffer are considered to be targets, but you can have more complex definitions across a number of files. See the variable org-refile-targets for details.

C-u C-c C-w

Use the refile interface to jump to a heading.

C-u C-u C-c C-w

Jump to the location where org-refile last moved a tree to.