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2.4 Structure Editing


Insert new heading with same level as current. If point is in a plain list item, a new item is created (see Plain Lists). When this command is used in the middle of a line, the line is split and the rest of the line becomes the new headline2.


Insert new TODO entry with same level as current heading.

TAB in new
empty entry

In a new entry with no text yet, TAB cycles through reasonable levels.


Promote or demote current heading by one level.


Move subtree up or down, i.e., swap with previous or next subtree of same level.

C-c C-w

Refile entry or region to a different location. See Refile and Copy.

C-x n s
C-x n w

Narrow buffer to current subtree and widen it again.

When there is an active region (Transient Mark mode), promotion and demotion work on all headlines in the region.



If you do not want the line to be split, customize the variable org-M-RET-may-split-line.