17.19 Drag and Drop & yank-media

Org mode supports drag and drop (DnD) of files. By default, Org asks the user what must be done with the dropped file: attach it, insert ‘file:’ link, or open the file. Customize org-yank-dnd-method to set the default DnD action.

When DnD method is “attach”, Org mode first consults DnD metadata to decide the attach method. For example, when file/files are dragged from a file manager, Org may attach by copying or by moving.

If Org cannot figure out which attachment method to use from the metadata, it defaults to org-yank-dnd-default-attach-method 168

Starting from Emacs 29, Org mode supports yank-media command to yank images from the clipboard and files from a file manager.

When yanking images from clipboard, Org saves the image on disk and inserts the image link to Org buffer. Images are either saved as attachments to heading (default) or to a globally defined directory. The save location is controlled by org-yank-image-save-method.

The yanked images are saved under automatically generated name. You can customize org-yank-image-file-name-function to make Org query the image names or change the naming scheme.

When yanking files copied from a file manager, Org respects the value of org-yank-dnd-method. Image files pasted this way also respect the value of org-yank-image-save-method when the action to perform is ‘attach’.



By default, org-yank-dnd-default-attach-method is set to nil – use the same value as org-attach-method (cp by default).