17.18 Org Mobile

Org Mobile is a protocol for synchronizing Org files between Emacs and other applications, e.g., on mobile devices. It enables offline-views and capture support for an Org mode system that is rooted on a “real” computer. The external application can also record changes to existing entries.

This appendix describes Org’s support for agenda view formats compatible with Org Mobile. It also describes synchronizing changes, such as to notes, between the mobile application and the computer.

To change tags and TODO states in the mobile application, first customize the variables org-todo-keywords, org-tag-alist and org-tag-persistent-alist. These should cover all the important tags and TODO keywords, even if Org files use only some of them. Though the mobile application is expected to support in-buffer settings, it is required to understand TODO states sets (see Setting up keywords for individual files) and mutually exclusive tags (see Setting Tags) only for those set in these variables.