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B.1 Setting up the staging area

MobileOrg needs access to a file directory on a server to interact with Emacs. With a public server, consider encrypting the files. MobileOrg version 1.5 supports encryption for the iPhone. Org also requires openssl installed on the local computer. To turn on encryption, set the same password in MobileOrg and in Emacs. Set the password in the variable org-mobile-use-encryption151. Note that even after MobileOrg encrypts the file contents, the file names will remain visible on the file systems of the local computer, the server, and the mobile device.

For a server to host files, consider options like account152. On first connection, MobileOrg creates a directory MobileOrg/ on Dropbox. Pass its location to Emacs through an init file variable as follows:

(setq org-mobile-directory "~/Dropbox/MobileOrg")

Org copies files to the above directory for MobileOrg. Org also uses the same directory for sharing notes between Org and MobileOrg.



If Emacs is configured for safe storing of passwords, then configure the variable, org-mobile-encryption-password; please read the docstring of that variable.


An alternative is to use webdav server. MobileOrg documentation has details of webdav server configuration. Additional help is at FAQ entry.