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The New Org-mode Exporter Framework


As of release 8.0, Org-mode has transitioned to a new export framework, authored primarily (entirely?) by Nicolas Goaziou…

Perhaps this could be filled in with some of the technical reasons and advantages
of the new exporter by Nicolas or someone else familiar with with it's inner workings?

For instructions on how to upgrade from the previous Org-mode exporter, see the upgrade guide.

Nicolas' official announcement of the exporter may be viewed at the Org-mode mailing list post. This document presents an overview of features, as well as a list of currently supported exporter backends. Exporting and publishing are also documented in the Org-mode manual. See ox-docstrings and org-element-docstrings for the extracted docstrings from these two core libraries of the new Org-mode exporter, i.e. for detailled technical information about the exporter framework.

List of Org-mode exporters

Please find below a list of current Org-mode exporters, the location of the backend elisp file (relative to downloaded Org-mode installation directory, org) and links Worg and Org-mode manual documentation.

Name Exporter location Worg Tutorial Org-mode Manual
ASCII ./lisp/ox-ascii.el ox-ascii ASCII/Latin-1/UTF-8 export
Beamer ./lisp/ox-beamer.el ox-beamer Beamer class export
HTML ./lisp/ox-html.el ox-html HTML export
iCalendar ./lisp/ox-icalandar.el ox-icalendar  
LaTeX ./lisp/ox-latex.el ox-latex LaTeX export
Man ./lisp/ox-man.el ox-man  
Markdown ./lisp/ox-md.el ox-md  
ODT ./lisp/ox-odt.el ox-odt OpenDocument Text export
Publishing ./lisp/ox-publish.el ox-publish Publishing
Texinfo ./lisp/ox-texinfo.el ox-texinfo  
Confluence ./contrib/lisp/ox-confluence.el ox-confluence  
Deck.js ./contrib/lisp/ox-deck.el ox-deck  
Freemind ./contrib/lisp/ox-freemind.el ox-freemind  
Groff ./contrib/lisp/ox-groff.el ox-groff  
Koma Scrlttr2 ./contrib/lisp/ox-koma-letter.el ox-koma-letter  
RSS ./contrib/lisp/ox-rss.el ox-rss  
S5 ./contrib/lisp/ox-s5.el ox-s5  
Taskjuggler ./contrib/lisp/ox-taskjuggler.el ox-taskjuggler  
DocBook (1) - -
  • (1) DocBook export, available in previous Org-mode versions, has not currently been ported to the new exporter, however the new ox-texinfo backend can generate DocBook format. Once file.texi is created via ox-texinfo, simply execute:
makeinfo --docbook file.texi

General Documentation

This page is in progress. Please be patient as it is updated.

Documentation from the orgmode.org/worg/ website (either in its HTML format or in its Org format) is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License version 1.3 or later. The code examples and css stylesheets are licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 or later.