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Merge Tool for Org-Mode

A tool for for merging Org-Mode modifications


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Git-Merge-Tool is a specialised merge tool for Org-mode and Git. It will be developed during the GSoC 2012.

There is currently no release for this project. Please stay tuned as this project page will be updated when it becomes available.


Org-Merge-Driver is to create an extension to Org-Mode which will act as a merge driver for Org-Mode files. A merge driver is a program which will combine two versions of a file based off of a common ancestor into a single file, marking conflicting changes within. A specialized merge driver for Org-Mode leverages the file structure to understand the effects of modifications on the integrity of sections.

The main use of a merge driver is for use in collaborative writing. Org-merge-driver will be compatible with Git, Mercurial, and Bazaar. The merge driver will solidify Org-Mode as a tool for collaborative work.


Version 0.1
License GPL V3
Author Andrew Young
Supported Platforms N/A
Binaries N/A
Contact youngar17 at gmail dot com


More Information

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