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Org mode for Emacs – Your Life in Plain Text

Org mode is for keeping notes, maintaining TODO lists, planning projects, and authoring documents with a fast and effective plain-text system.
Created by Carsten Dominik in 2003, maintained by Bastien Guerry and developed by many others.



The stable version of Org is 9.4, as of September 2020. See the release notes.

Get it with M-x package-install RET org RET (see Org ELPA).

Or download tar.gz or zip archives.

You can browse the development version from code.orgmode.org or clone the repo:

~$ git clone https://code.orgmode.org/bzg/org-mode.git

Daily snapshots of the development version: tar.gz or zip.

The de facto mimetype for org attachments is text/org.


Check out the installation instructions.

Worg will tell you more on the build options and on how to stay on the bleeding edge.


Documentation and literature


Browse the manual (one page per section).

Read the complete manual: HTML or PDF

Read the compact guide: HTML or PDF

Check the FAQ, the hacks, and tutorials on Worg.

Check the reference docs about hooks, commands and options.

Check the list of (scientific) papers about Org mode.

Before submitting a bug report, make sure you read the "Feedback" section of the manual.

You may also read How To Ask Questions The Smart Way, by Eric S. Raymond and Rick Moen.

M-x org-submit-bug-report RET

Network-Theory Ltd. has published a printed version of the Org manual but it is not available anymore.