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Here I store thoughts and code about Org, along with links to some tutorials I wrote.

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Remarks on "What makes a good GTD list manager?"

I've read this inspiring article by Kelly Forrister: "What makes a good GTD list manager?" Let's see how Org-mode qualifies:

Sorting lists by context - many programs have a "category" feature that
will easily support this.

Yes. Sorting by contexts is at heart of Org-mode, and can be implemented in various ways. Context can be set as a tag, a category, or any other property of an item: you can then easily narrow your org file to a view where only selected tags are presented, or define an agenda view to only present what is relevant to the context.

Ability to assign a due date - not forcing it on all of them, but allowing
it for those that need it.

C-c C-d assigns a due date in org-mode buffers or in agenda views. You can also select several items in an agenda view and change the due date of all of them in one keystroke.

Portable for on the go access - can be synched to a handheld or printed.

Check MobileOrg – both for Android and iPhone.

Easily accessible - less than 60 seconds to get something in/out.

Emacs starts quite fast these days. So I guess the 60 seconds test is okay with Org.

More attractive to you than repelling - you've got to like the system
you're entrusting your brain to.

Subjective, of course, but I like Org.

Doesn't force priority codes - if you know GTD, you know that forcing
priority codes is old news and rarely accurate anyway.

Org doesn't force anything. Priority codes are easy to add and remove, and it's easy to sort agenda view (or items in a subtree) depending on priority cookies, but you're not forced to.

Place to capture additional notes - attached to an item to capture relevant
info related to the item.

Check out C-c C-z to add a note to an item from an org-mode buffer (org-add-note) or from an agenda view (org-agenda-add-note). This comes as a complement to the general org-capture mechanism (see the manual). Notes can also be added depending on the TODO state change: check org-log-* variables: check the summary of in-buffer settings and the family of logdone, lognotedone, ... options.

Ability to search and sort in various ways.

Well, it's so central in Org it doesn't really need a comment. Only check out this great documentation page by Matt Lundin.

Robust enough to handle all of your stuff.

Org is as robust as any plain text file. Do this qualify? :)

My configuration

You can check my full .emacs file here.

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